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Ive seen and followed many links referring to Proscan TVs, and failure to find a working code for a TiVo remote. None have helped. I tried all RCA and NEC codes, plus 2 or 3 offered as "the ones" that worked.
--Proscan 39" Model PLDED3996A-E --
TiVo support tells me the problem is that my Proscan is an infrared operated TV, and that's the problem. Our Roamio remote was easily set up to control our 65" Panasonic plasma TV, and it's definitely infrared controlled. Bulb on the TV* remote, and when covered, it doesn't function. The Mini remote lacks something vs. Roamio's remote?
* * As to the very tedious code-search operation; *
* * 1) User is told to cover the front of the remote when holding the TV and TiVo buttons until the light is a steady red. If it's a radio-only remote, how could covering the front be effective?
* * 2) After the above, you remove your hand and enter 0999. Are you to aim the remote at the Mini when entering those numbers?
* * 3) User isn't told to first go into Settings and Remote setup before all the above as one would to select TV brand and list of codes. So, it doesn't matter if the Mini is in the Live TV watching mode? (using code-search method)
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