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Mini Lux Remote

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So my old 93000 mini died so I figured it was time for a mini Lux.

Apologies for the long post.

Having some remote problems. I downgraded to the original software- don’t want new experience 4.

I’m reading that I can’t use RF with experience 3. Below is from the website.

“Note: The TiVo LUX Remote™ supports IR and RF mode. RF mode is not supported if your TiVo device is running TiVo Experience 3 user interface. You can still use the TiVo LUX remote on devices with TiVo Experience 3 in IR mode.”

I need RF, question is I suppose should an old TiVo remote be able to use RF on the Lux using Experience 3 ? Wording looks like it’s the remote, but I’m unable to get RF on old remote to work with Lux mini.

I’m sure others have had this issue and before I go too crazy - hoping someone can advise since TiVo support is closed over the weekend:(
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