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Mini A95 refuses to “see” new Edge Cable

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Hello all,

I recently picked up an Edge Cable to go in my front room. I have three Minis in total - one A93 Ethernet, one A93 MoCA (both paired with the new Edge after a reboot and a service connection) - and the troublesome A95 in question. I rebooted it, forced a few service connections, and couldn’t get the new Edge to show up in the DVR list.

So, impatient me decides to C&DE it - and I’m now stuck in a GS loop where it detects no usable DVRs on the network. MoCA, Ethernet, static or dynamic IP, it communicates to the internet just fine, it just refuses to see the Edge.

Edge has Video Downloads and Video Sharing enabled. I’ve forced a few more connections for good measure, but no dice.

I just installed the Edge tonight - should I just wait a day or two to see if it all shakes out itself?
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Update: Looks like it won’t stream either, trying to set up streaming on my phone results in a very helpful “Problem connecting to your streaming device”

I can see the Mini Vox in the whole home screen of the Edge, it shows up normally with Supported for both items in the list.

Not sure what the problem is, but I see an old thread about a similar problem from January with no resolution...

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