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der Neuerer
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Depending on your abilities and what you have available to you there are several options.
1) If you are booting off the MFSTools ISO and you know how to mount the DvrBARS image (it is a VHD image) as a drive you can then use MFSTools 3.2 to copy from the mounted image to the new drive.
2) You may be able to run DvrBARS in a Boot Camp install of windows on your MAC, restore the image to your drive and then use either MFSTools 3.2 or JMFS_rev104 to expand the image. (With MFStools you use mfsadd followed by apmfix)
3) Find a friends computer that runs windows and then use DVrBARS to restore the image on the drive and take it back to your computer to finish it with either MFSTools 3.2 or JMFS_rev104
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