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I started with the JMSF_rev104.iso I pulled the failed drive, which Diskwarrior said was ok. The drive had been looping through setup. I used JMS_rev104.iso to make a new 2TB drive. There where a lot of errors reported it took 6 hours. The new drive is a perfect copy of the bad drive, it loops through set-up. I tried to force a download, that didn't work. I do not care about what is on the drive.

So my assumption is I need to start over with a fresh drive image.

So I've got the susie MFStools 3.2 running on my MacPro. And a gentleman was good enough to send me a disk image but its a backup of a DVRbars image. Can I use that some how or do I need an image made with MFStools? I assume I must also wipe the new 2TB drive.

I have a Premiere that I'm fixing, after this I move on to the soon to fail series 3, Next is the Premiere XL.
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