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Media Center Files not showing on Desktop

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This morning I was able to put a media center file in the TiVo Recordings folder and transfer it to my TiVo and watch on tv.

Then, I upgraded to TivoToGo Plus. After I did this the media center files would no longer show up on Tivo Desktop.

I called Cust. Supp. and the first agent was helpful. She said to uninstall and reinstall the TiVo Desktop. Then re-input my activation code. She said it should work then.

I did as instructed. However, when I tried to input my activation code it was already activated - so apparently the computer kept some files when I uninstalled Desktop. MC files were still not showing up on Desktop.

I called Cust. Supp. again. This lady did not know anything about TivoToGo. She had me go through steps to verify a valid connection to my Tivo boxes from the computer - I had already told her that connection was working fine. Then she read instruction that are printed in the manual. She didn't know anything and referred me to the the DigitalRiver/help website on TiVo. All that has to do with is billing issues.

Can anyone help me figure out why Tivo Desktop will no longer recognize Media Center files?

Thanks for your help!!
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