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I used to participate up until a couple of years ago. I asked about getting an updated box to replace the custom Netgear router they'd sent back in 2014 or so, since it appeared they no longer supported the Netgear and weren't providing any firmware updates. The answer was basically "We can't help", so my response was "Your box is going to electronics recycling, have a nice day."

I didn't notice any effect on my network performance while I was participating in the program.

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Holy crap! It uses a TON of bandwidth. An order of magnitude or two more than I use. From their FAQ
Will my monthly data cap be affected?
Data usage is the total volume of data used on your broadband connection. The larger your bandwidth, the larger the amount of data available to you.
The amount of data your Whitebox uses varies depending on your package (speed-tier). For example:
  • Download speed at 10Mbps: 480MB per day, 14.6GB per month.
  • Upload speed at 1Mbps: 33MB per day, 1GB per month
In addition to the variable usage, there is a fixed data usage for your Whitebox which is 272MB per day, 8.27GB per month.
Below are some examples:
  • 10x1: 14.6GB + 1GB + 8.27GB = 23.87GB
  • 20x2: 29.2GB + 2GB + 8.27GB = 39.47GB
  • 50x5: 73GB + 5GB + 8.27GB = 86.27GB
  • 100x10: 146GB + 10GB + 8.27GB = 164.27GB
  • 150x15: 219GB + 15GB + 8.27GB = 242.27GB
  • 200x20: 292GB + 20GB + 8.27GB = 320.27GB
  • 300x30: 438GB + 30GB + 8.27GB = 476.27GB
  • 1000x100: 1460GB + 100GB + 8.27GB = 1568.27GB
On my plan, 600x30, that's probably 600+ GIGABYTES a MONTH! I don't think I'll be volunteering.... The EULA isn't encouraging either.

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Yowza, we have gigabit service…. 1.5 TB is higher than our cap of 1.2 (which they keep suspending but someday might charge us for exceeding).

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I've had the Whitebox for a few years now. I was hoping that it would be like being a Nielsen family and get me a little more attention from my ISP. If that is so, then heaven help those who are not participating.

I'm on a 200 x 15 plan, and here's the test usage for the past week:
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My ISP doesn't have data caps, so that's not a worry for me. I've never noticed any slowdown in my normal usage as a result of these tests. Most interesting to me is the disconnect history:
Rectangle Font Parallel Pattern Technology

This is for a cable modem. Bad as it might look, it's worlds better than my old DSL connection.

There's no downside for me to keep the box, and who knows? Maybe it will do some good.
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