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Help! I upgraded a Series2 TCD24008A with an 80GB QuickView drive I bought from Weaknees, and now one of the drives is failing. The TiVo got stuck in the familiar "Just a few minutes longer..." loop, and I finally shut it down and removed the drives.

I'd like to copy everything (inc. recordings) to a new, single 300GB Seagate... but the MFSTools CD I downloaded from Hinsdale won't recognize the larger drive! The best it sees is 137GB. I thought it was a limitation of the IDE controller in my 933MHz machine, but I've tried it with 4 different machines (all the way to a brand new 3.2GHz), and nothing works.

I'm PC-savvy, but a Linux beginner. I wouldn't know where to start.

Thanks! :eek:
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