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Managing Series III Season Passes from Windows?

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Is there an application with a slick front end to manage your season passes from Windows? The one on tivo.com only allows re-ordering, I'd like to be able to change runs, number of episodes, etc.
Many Thanks!
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Not for series 3 TiVos, no since they don't have the RPC (iPad) protocol. For series 4 TiVos kmttg (runs on Windows, Mac, Linux) supports it.
if it were hacked you could run tivo web plus...
I believe if you create a season pass on Tivo's website that is a replica of something that you already have a season pass for and set the details for it to the ones you want that it replaces the one on your box. I think. I don't remember if that will put it down at the bottom of your season pass queue or not, but you can rearrange on Tivo's site as well. Note that passes created from the website take some time (I think 15-30 min) to apply to the Tivo.

I would definitely not consider this method slick though...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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