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Make Tivo record a show only once?

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Many of the shows I want to record are shown several times a day. For example, Law and Order reruns are shown at 11, 5, and 9 each day on bravo. I have a seasons pass setup to record the 11 show however it records all three airings. Is there a way to tell Tivo to record an episode one time only and then ignore future airings. I know there is a first-run/reruns setting but these are all reruns.
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There's actually three options:

First Runs Only
First Runs & Reruns
All Episodes with duplicates

With the first 2 options Tivo should check the episode title and only record each episode once during a 28 day period (even if you delete it).

If you have the middle option and are still getting duplicates it could be because the guide data does not include full episode information. To workaround this setup a manual recording for one of the timeslots.
clovis8 said:
I have a seasons pass setup to record the 11 show
No such thing. Season passes are for channels not times. You'll have to either go to 'view upcoming episodes' on a regular basis and cancel the episodes you don't want or set up a repeating manual recording for that particular time and channel.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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