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Mad Men - The Hobo Code 9-9-07

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Scene with Midge and Don reminded me of Joe with Peter Boyle. Talk about a flashback.
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You have the wrong episode date in your thread title.
The scene with Luciano and the visiting salesman was so perfectly uncomfortable. I think they really captured the feelings of the era.

Another amazing episode with incredible performances.
Don sure gives away a lot of money.

What was the "a dishonest man lives here" symbol?
The Whitford house had the "dishonest man lives here" symbol
(boy was his dad a SOB!) I liked Mom, she had faith, too bad she wasn't Dick's mom :(
Coming back over here from the Red in the Face thread since I want to avoid disclosing too much there.

with the continuing long and lingering shots of Peggy's silhouette in this episode, they're pointing me right at something I had a hunch on several episodes ago.

With the devouring of the snacks on the cart, etc.

gotta go for Peggy being pregnant

cheesesteak said:
What was the "a dishonest man lives here" symbol?
It looked like a scythe.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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