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Bill Reeves said:
In this one, I was shocked at what the kids could do. Playing with plastic bags? Bouncing around in the car, going over the divider from the front to the back? It shouldn't be shocking, I mean, I did stuff like that growing up in the 70s, but as a relatively new parent, driving without the kid strapped into a five point restraint car seat seems crazy.

I have no doubt that these little touches are what the producers are going for, and they're probably exaggerating them for effect, but it makes you think.
What's so shocking? Seat belts were not in cars, no padded dash, etc. I can remember going to the shoe store in the 1950ies and using a shoe fitting fluoroscope. Remember the slogan in the early 60ies nuclear power will be to cheap to meter. You had to have lived in the era to know what's going on. I don't think the producers are exaggerating.
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