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Now with 2.6% Fewer Organs
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ElJay said:
Me too. It's a bit early for a series to be having self-absorbed episodes like this one.
I think maybe they're taking a page from The Sopranos and doing a lot of story line building before the payoff. If so, we could be in for more than one of these episodes.

Either way, I still enjoy the show. Gotta love the mother's non-reaction to the girl wearing the dry cleaning bag. :p :eek:

I was sickened by the psychiatrist's violation of the doctor-patient privilege, feeding all the private details to the husband. :rolleyes: :down: I have no doubt that that was not uncommon in those days, though. With attitudes about women like we see in this show, it's no wonder the Women's Lib movement came about ten years later.
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