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Another great episode. Great plot developments, character insights, pacing, editing, etc. This is a quality show.

I wonder if Pete will open the box only to find Don's skeletons courtesy of Don's brother (family pictures)? Will Pete use this info to get Don's old position?

Loved the alternative use Peggy found for the exercise belt and the alternative use Betty found for the washing machine. :p :up: I like how Don is bringing Peggy along in the company. It's good that he's not threatened by her. (Although, I'm sure Don's goodwill has its limits.) Shame on Peggy, though, for the "So, you drive a truck" remark at dinner. Don't get too stuck-up with your little successes, Peggy.

Love this show. Interesting article on it at NY Times.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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