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MacGyver Beats Out Indiana Jones, James Bond As Savior:

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Eighties television star MacGyver has beaten out Indiana Jones, James Bond and others as the fictional hero most Americans would want by their side.

In a survey done by the McCormick Tribune Foundation, participants were given a choice of seven fictional heroes they could choose from to have by their side incase of an emergency: MacGyver, Indiana Jones, James Bond, John McClane, Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer or Lara Croft.

Twenty-seven percent of them selected the resourceful MacGyver, who was played by Richard Dean Anderson. During the run of the series from 1985 to 1992, MacGyver did everything from lighting a fuse without a match to stopping an acid leak with chocolate.

He was followed by Indiana Jones (16 per cent); John McClane (14 per cent); James Bond and Jason Bourne (8 per cent each); and Lara Croft and Jack Bauer of 24 (7 per cent each).
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I'd have go to with Bonds!

and then whoever

Jack Bauer would be the WORST, how many people have died around him BUT him :D
I'd take:
1 MacGyver
2 Indy
3 Bond (Sean Connery)
4 Jack Bauer
I'd want MacGyver too. He can change the laws of physics, chemistry, etc. with just a wad of chewing gum, a piece of duct tape, and a lighter. ;)
Wouldn't you just want Lara Croft by your side?
Michael Weston.
Heck yeah!

MacGyver was my absolute favorite show. I've seen every ep at least 3-4 times. When I was younger I asked for a "MacGyver knife" for Christmas. I adored him and still do. There will never be another show like MacGyver--for sure.
MirclMax said:
Wouldn't you just want Lara Croft by your side?
I would not want Lara Croft by my side.

On top of me, on the other hand.....
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