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LTS1 transfer scenario opinions?

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Would love any opinions on this:

I've got an S1 lifetime (activated in 2000) and 2 S2s on multidiscount month to month, all working fine.

My mother has an S1 lifetime (broken modem) and 2 S2s on multidiscount month to month.

She doesn't care what happens to her broken S1, so I was thinking about transferring her S1 to my account and upgrading under the current DT option and keeping my own S1 for possible future upgrades. Make sense?

But, if I transfer her S1 to my account, will she have to pay a higher multidiscount rate for her two S2s, since she wouldn't have the lifetime S1 on her account anymore?


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yes, the fly in the ointment of your plan is that once the lifetime is removed from the account, one of the other two reamining will go to 12.95 a month. You could always buy her a prepay for 3 years at 299 for one of her remaiining ones as a way to make up for the lifetime and keep that caost at 8.41 instead of 12.95
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