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I have had this DirecTV R10 Tivo for the past two months and ever since I got it when ever I record and playback and programs from the Scifi Channel some times I can hear the characters speak and sometimes I can barely hear them. It is most difficult to hear them speak when there are other noises playing in the TV shows
background. For example, I recorded the new Stargate Atlantis episode last night and when Rodney Mckay(one of the characters) was in the flooded puddle jumper I could not hear some of his words with the rising water in the background. Turning up the volume on my TV seems to make it worse.

For some reason this does not happen when I record shows from G4 like the old Star Trek Next Gen episodes I have been recording.

I have the DVR receiver connected to a Sony 27" Trinitron TV with Composite A/V cables(yellow, white, and red) and a AIWA stereo system connected directly to the TV.

I turned off the AIWA stereo system during playback and the sound improved a little but I could still not make out what the characters are saying sometimes.

Anyone know what the problem might be? Is the G4 channel set up to better for tivo than the scifi channel or is it my TV?

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The only thing I can think of is the signal might be misprocessed by your AIWA. For example if the audio portion were to be digital Dolby, 5.1, and your AIWA had some type of strange sound field going on. Like concert hall, church, live concert.......

Try replaying it with all sound fields off on your stereo. My wife has an AWIA stereo that we use in our bedroom for music. I think all the digital sound field settings are terrible.
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