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Might seem like an oxymoron to use TiVo to listen to Live 365, but I just tried this feature and love it! I subscribe to the Live 365 service so I entered my account information and all of my presets are there. And it keeps me logged in too. I've always had a problem listening to Live 365 over my wireless network because of frequents drop outs. I do not have that problem when I listen through TiVo.

Also want to put a plug in for the Series 3. I love it! No more cable box! I prefer the TiVo interface. And the HD quality is great. I got the 30/300 model and I worried it would not be enough space, but I can already see it is going to be plenty. The only thing better than pausing live TV is pausing live HD TV!

I would marry my TiVo if I could.
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