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Hello there. I just finished Lost Season 1, but it looks like Lost Season 2 is already about halfway through (or more)? I tivo'd a few episodes of season 2 so I can watch them after I finished season 1.

But does anyone know if there are any reruns that are scheduled to play? I would like watch Season 2 from the beginning but don't know the schedule. Anyone know?


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You are actually at the tail end of the season two reruns. They just finished a month or so of reruns...
There have been 9 episodes so far.

The new episode will be shown 1/11 at 9pm. However they are showing at 8pm that night a sort of mix of all the episodes so far. They did this last season too. It is sort of a clip fest of all the season two episodes to catch everyone up.

Welcome to the fun of Lost! I became addicted to it season one, episode one.

Here is a small but intelligent/with sense of humore LOST messageboard that friends and I started.

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audioscience said:
Season 2 is currently airing with new episodes.

There likely won't be reruns until the summer and if it is like last year they will replay the whole season over the summer.
They didn't repeat like 4 or 5 episodes of Season 1 last summer...
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