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Loss of Dual Input

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I have looked in FAQ and don't see this answer so I'm asking. We have a Series 2 Tivo unit, digital cable box and a TV that i NOT HD. I have always been able to record a show on Tivo and watch another show on another TV input. A few weeks ago I had service to install a booster because some of the stations were breaking up. Since the Comcast guy left I can't seem to separate the inputs anymore. When the TIvo changes channels to record something, the channels change on the other input too. If I change it back on the "TV input" the show doesn't record and it is black. What did he do and what can I do to undo it? I have looked and looked and don't see anything he changed. What am I missing?

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Try removing the booster the Comcast guy installed. If that works, put it back in between the splitter and the cable box.

Otherwise, describe how things are hooked up in detail (eg "cable drop to splitter input, one splitter output to TiVo input ... ").
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