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Loss of connection w/ Linksys WRT300N

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I have loss the ability to connect to the TiVo server. I get the message Network Cable Unplugged. The usual unplug everything &/or repower does nothing. Trying to continue resolving the problem results in the message; The DHCP server could not be located on the network (NO2). I have a TiVo wireless adapter and the Linksys WRT300N router. Calls to TiVo and Linksys tech support have not resolved this issue. This happened about six months ago but can't recall how it was resolved, though I kind of think it just resolved itself. The present situation started two weeks ago. Anyway, thoughts would be appreciated...
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If you check the Network Information screen on your TiVo, does it show your wireless signal strength and an IP address?
This used to happen to me all the time when I had a linksys router and was using the linksys adapter on the tivo.

It has something to do with the tivo software caching the wireless key and network name.

Log into the router, change the wireless network name

Go through the network setup on the tivo again, making sure to choose the new network name.

This has worked for me consistenly every time. Then again, I now have a netgear router, which hasn't caused me any issues in over 2 years with my tivos.
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