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I had a power outage yesterday while transferring a show to my Mybook. The Tivo is fine (Thank God!), but I am having problems with the Mybook. I connect it to the PC, and I get the indication that the PC recognizes it as a USB storage device. I can see it in Device Manager. However, it does not appear as a drive in Windows Explorer, nor does it appear as a drive in Disk Manager. When I ran the WD diagnostics, I can see the drive listed, but not as a logical drive. The drive also appears in my Bios as a disk drive. I've attempted to uninstall my drivers for both the USB and the Mybook, but I cannot get it to appear. I've also tried to connect it to another PC, but it does not show up on the other PC either. Does anybody have any assistance for my issue? I would love to save the over 200GB of shows that the hard drive contains.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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