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Looking for a router with IP of

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I have a friend that has an HDTivo configured to work on a home network with an IP of and he's asked me to take a look at it. I'm going to Zipper his drive but I have no way to test the final IP address on my network. Can anyone recommend a router that has an IP address of All of the routers I've used have an IP address of I picked up a Belkin switch on ebay that was supposed to use this address but I can't get it working between my PC and the HDTivo so I thought I'd try a router instead.

Before you say it, my friend is out of town and I don't have a way to contact him in his absence. I can assure you he has no clue what model router he has since it was installed by his cable provider. And no, I don't know which provider he's using and I believe he has several in his area.
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My Dlink uses that, but most are configurable to anything you want.
rsnaider said:
My Dlink uses that, but most are configurable to anything you want.
For example you can set the address of the Linksys router on the Basic Setup page (Local IP Address)
I have a Linksys BEFSR41 router I'm not using at the moment. I was unaware that you could reconfigure the router's IP address. If that's the case then I can just set it up and use it with the IP address of my choice. For some reason I always thought the IP address assigned to the router was static and couldn't be changed. The manual doesn't really go into any details about reassigning the device IP address other than indicating it's shown on the setup screen. Thanks for the info. :)
I believe the Netgears will work as well.

I went nuts trying to find mom's setup page, though I was able to access it by a roundabout method. Later on I discovered that I had forgotten Netgear tech support had me change it to Works just find when you type in the correct addy. :D
You can't change the IP address that is given to your router by the cable modem, but you can set the range for the internal LAN (as opposed to external WAN).

I've worked with with most of the current consumer level units, and can't recall one not letting me change that. I used to need to use a 10.10.x.x address to keep away from a VPN 192.168.x.x conflict.

I accessed the setup page for my Linksys router via my web browser and was able to change the LAN IP address to one that was compatible with the HDTivo's settings. I am now able to connect to the HDTivo successfully through a separate mini-network. Thanks to all for the tips.
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