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I live near you. I get 90% or more on 27 of the Chicago stations but not with an attic antenna.

There is no attic antenna that can pull our HD stations that I know of. Have you tired watching SD channels from an antenna in your attic? All that ghosting, if you can get a signal at all, is due to multipath. Your attic is like an echo chamber with all the bits from the reflections pilling up on the valid bits. Your TV can't decipher which is real and which is the echo.

The attic echo chamber problem gets worse the farther you are from the towers because the signals are so much weaker. Now they still have to go through your roof.

For an HD signal multipath is seen as pixelation. You can even have a 90% signal strength with nothing on screen.

We spent months working out solutions and put it into these links:

Dozens of Great HD Channels are Just Waiting for You
Adding More HD Local Channels

Good Luck! And let us know how you do.

- Craig
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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