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Locking up on Grey's anatomy

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I have never seen this before, but my Directivo is locking up solid on a recorded show - Grey's Anatomy.

Somewhere about 39 to 40 minutes, it seems like it is trying to lock up, but I assumed that the show was recorded during total rain fade for those two minutes, but it was weirder than normal rain fade.

Then about 56-57 minutes when the show is nearly finished, it just locks. It did it last night and I left it that way all night and it was still locked this morning and I had to hard boot it.

Tonight, I sped through the program to try to see the end and it locked up the same place. I kept hitting buttons on the remote, "Live TV", "Tivo", "Select", etc... trying to get it to do anything. Something I hit made it reboot.

Do I have a corrupted file? Will the problem go away when the program is deleted?


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More likely to be a sign of impending drive failure. If it is, then it's only a matter of time before you experience problems with other recordings.

I had similar problems when the drive on one of my DirecTiVos started dying. Replacing the drive solved the problem. The additional recording space was nice as a bonus.
At the very least, that hard drive has a bad sector where the show was recorded. I'd not delete that show so that another doesn't use the same sector. If the problem persists with other recordings, then replace the drive.
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