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Local Channels stuttering.

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Hi All,
About a month ago, I started to get a type of stuttering on my local channels. (I am in the Chicago area.) This started happening on both of my Hughes S2 DTivo boxes at the same time. All other channels appear to be fine.

When the skips happen, the screen just freezes for like 1/4th of a second, and sound mutes with it. I do not see any of the usual pixelation associated with signal loss. I did check my signal strength, and they are good.

Ive rebooted the servers and even cleaned out the massive amounts of dust from inside the machines, just in case it was an overheating issue.

Anyone else having or had similar issues in the past? Any thoughts on a resolution?
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So your not the only one. I have 3 r10's and they all started doing this around the same time. Granted 2 were activated and connected to satellite. This is where i am suspicious.

Hail/lightning storm came around bout the same time.. but no one around me has any issues with their hd dvr's or such.

2-r10's active bed,basement,
1-hr20 active- living room

bedroom r10 local channel stutters
basement r10 local channel stutters
craftroom r10--network only----activated week later to see if it was having issue and it is doing it also.
Directv came out swapped my multiswitch and changed me from 5lnb to 3lnb. still does it.
Occasionally the hr20 stutters on locals.. RARELY per the kids when we watch it in living room.

So i took my r10's out to someone elses house bout 45 mins from me to test with his sat/switch and it stutters there also.

This is def something with the sat tuner or feed, It is not the hard drive.
I had the orig harddrive from one of my r10's.(over5yrs old i think) and powered up and it stutters on locals..either tuner.

Then I took my dads RCA DVR80 and activated it, it does not stutter (non-modified)

so I was pegging this as a sat tuner issue on 2 of my units and thinking my 3rd r10 that was network only must have took power spike(makes no sense) .
So i am thinking of just getting some new rca dvr's and mod them long as they work.

I think i will need to post this on DD site also but surely we are not the only 2 having this issue.
So my plan is get new dvr or just punt it all and go net streaming. since the new dtivo is not gonna be out for ever.
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Me too. Chicago area

I have 3 DTivo's, various manufacturers. All of the have this stutter, mostly or all on the local channels.

Sometimes the stutter happens several times in the first few minutes of a channel switch, then settles down to just a few times in a 30 minute/60 minute show. Not entirely predictable, and really annoying.

I even did a full delete and clear on one unit. It didn't help.

All units started about the same time, so I'm not ready to think it's a disk issue. I'm running 6.2a in all the units, with MRV enabled. One unit has the tuner problem where it pixilates every few minutes. Signal is good. I even split off the signal to use another multiplexer to check if my main 3x8 plexer was going bad.

Really would like to figure this one out. I seem to think it started back in January but I've been living with it so long, I don't remember exactly when I first noticed it.
Mine started in April bout time there was a big storm but ya know an occasional skip might have been around for a long time.
so i think we need to post in the other 2 forums and see, yeah this happened to all 3 of mine.. 1 which has not been on sat signal for over 2years(network only) sooo odd, and we know it isnt disk, like i said i put my orig disk back in same result.

It does not occur on the rca dvr80 that i borrowed from my dad.

Also the kids mentioned our hd hr21 skipped on locals the other day. rarely do they watch locals on the hd dvr.

Sometimes the stutter happens several times in the first few minutes of a channel switch, then settles down to just a few times in a 30 minute/60 minute show. Not entirely predictable, and really annoying.
I also noticed that the stutter is worse towards the top of the hour, when the programs just start or are about to end. There can be times at the bottom of the hour where it also happens, even if a channel change did not happen.

I guess the question is - what is different around those parts of the hour that impacts stability?

Even if I transfer the program to my other unit, it still happens.

Im going to see if I have another drive that I can put in just for kicks. I also believe it is not really a drive issue, but at the same time, when I see the exact same thing happen on two units, and the issue started around the same time, it makes me wonder what has changed.

Any other thoughts??
gusman. I can guarantee it is not a drive issue.. lets try to post in the other forums.. You know what i am talking about right.
Is yours hacked/modded?

so to recap .. my hacked dvrs are affected,, unhacked works fine.

Anyone else seeing this with unhacked.
Is this specific to a few channels or all channels. Are they SDV channels (if you have a TA).
I don't have HD. So for me, it's all SD. Most of the time the tivo will switch to a new channel to pick up the start of a new show - so it could be top/bottom of the hour or it could be on a channel switch. Both of those probably require the tivo to flush a buffer or reset some pointers. Certainly the tivo hard drive goes into extra work on a channel switch. Again, not to point to the drive, but to the extra workload that happens.
Same exact issue here in Seattle. Mostly on local channels, Standard def. I know it is not a drive issue, a particular faulty unit, or the dish. The same thing happens on 3 receivers, using 3 different dishes. All of my units are hacked Hughes Directivos.
Would really like to figure this out... super annoying. Occasionally/rarely it will happen on other channels, but it seems to be around the lower numbered channels, or just above, in the music channels every so often.
But on the locals... guaranteed to get it.
I have the same thing here west of Indianapolis. It happens on two different boxes. I had had an extra LNB and multiswitch from my late grandmother's installation so I did some part swapping. My locals still stutter after the swap. i'm convinced that it is something "in the air."
My cable was doing that. Could this be a receiver issue.
I am in kc area.. where is everyone else.. Anyway to tell if this mpeg4 local thing might be the issue? (But it doesnt explain the un-modded dvr working.

I'm running 6.2a and blocking the last update so I can keep using the built-in MRV. Is it possible one of the last updates made some adjustment for some stream change made to accommodate HD? Also, I'm think all my units have larger disks. Plus all units are wired ethernet with fixed IPs, with a 1Gb switch in the mix.

Just trying to get some comparisons going that might help identify where the problem is.
I think all of mine are 6.2a also.. whatever was for the r10.

One thing that points to it not being a software upgrade, is my r10 in craft room has been de-activated for over a year, ethernet only for mrv. I reactivated it and it has same stuttering.
Mine are also wired ethernet to a switch.
Just found this thread. For the last three weeks or so, I have been seeing this stuttering on the Chicago local channels. Never see it on non-local. I am in a condo being served by MDU using a stacked system. All three 708's are modded and on 6.2a. Will try to see if others in the building are seeing anything.
Me too. All I have are zippered units with 160GB drives, so I have no comparison for hacked vs. unhacked. Chicago area. I didn't think mine were limited to local channels, but it's possible I just didn't notice.
I had recently done maintenance on my three DSR708's. Replaced 6.4a on the living room one with zippered 6.2a, and then started noticing the 'stuttering.' Thought it was my problem, started doing testing. (didn't watch a lot of local channels on the other two 708's) Eventually saw this thread.

Now I have put a stock instantcake 6.2a on one DSR708, put original 6.4a disk back on the LR one, and left the hacked 6.2a (ptvnet and enhancement script) on the third. Have a variety of disks to use, ide's and Sata with the JMicron chip adapter. Right now, all 708's are on IDE drives.

Watching predominantly the 'Today' show for testing.

Stuttering occurs on both stock and hacked 6.2a, and does not occur on the 6.4a (no hacks). Recorded CNN during the same interval (7-11am), and do not see it there.

As reported before, it seems to occur when the network throws it to the local NBC5 Chicago station before 30min and before the hour. When the local NBC5 video appears, a blip usually occurs in about 15 seconds. Then maybe a couple more. Also seem to notice that if a 'new' video source occurs, say a local commercial, another blip may occur in 15 seconds. Not always. No blips seen during Today network feed.

Also occurs on other local channels. Best I've captured is channel 23, WWME Chicago, on a Twilight Zone promo at the beginning of a Mary Tyler Moore show. The Twilight Zone music goes: "dee-uhh-dee-dee-uhh-dee" :)

As I said in previous post, I'm in a Chicago condo served by MDU Communications running a stacked system. The 708's have run fine for years. I also have a HR20I connected to Directv's MFH3 system delivering HD over phone wires using a vdsl modem. No blips seen on 'Today' on the HR20I.
Note: I am recording the SD feed on the HR20I.

Another tenant has stock R10's running 6.4a and I do not see any similar blips on the 'Today' show there.
I am willing to try any more tests and or hacks. Have Winmfs backup of 6.4a, zipper cds, ptvnet, and instantcake 6.2a. Also have a few spare 708's and R10's

Interesting and annoying problem.
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It is happening to mine in Dallas. Local channels a while back and tonight it started with higher channels. If you skip back it won't keep skipping in the same place do it must be I'm the playback. I also rebooted and it was less, but comes back
This is still occurring on my 6.2a dsr708's (one hacked, one unhacked). Still not occurring on my 6.4a (unhacked as of yet) dsr708.

When the local Chicago NBC5 station takes over before the half hour and the hour on the Today show, the closed captioning has to change from national to local. They even run an ad that local closed captioning is sponsored by Luna carpets. When I turn on CC, I can believe there is some correlation with the stuttering. Don't know how the cc switch occurs, but sometimes I see the cc end prior to the locals coming on, and I see the stuttering around those times. So, I have seen a stutter on the network just seconds away from what I think is a switch to the local.

Can closed captioning or other vbi information be involved?

Could some equipment at the local Chicago uplink of Directv have changed to cause something because of some 'ragged' switch? You'd think this is all accurately synchronized at NBC5 and the directv uplink would not see any kind of disruption.

And why would it occur on 6.2a and not on 6.4a?

Is there way to analyze the tivo files to identify the stuttering?

Searching shows a tivovbi app. Could that help identify anything?

Maybe also capture the output video on a video capture card for analysis?

Is there anyone in Chicago on 6.2a *not* seeing this stuttering on the locals?

I'm willing to keep testing if anyone has some ideas. Otherwise should we abandon 6.2a for 6.4a?
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[I'm willing to keep testing if anyone has some ideas. Otherwise should we abandon 6.2a for 6.4a?[/QUOTE]

Pretty sure on 6.4 you lose MRV, and therefor Tivoserver. Those are the biggest benefits for me running hacked units.
I would probably finally abandon my Directivos if I was forced into 6.4 because of this.

What's weird is that it kinda seems to be related to what's on the picture. Like on the news when they bring up the weather forecast graphics... stutter, stutter, stutter
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