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Living With Yourself (Netflix) -- S01 *SPOILERS*

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I binged the first half of this last night (the season is 8 30m episodes); I really liked it a lot.

Some of the reviews I've seen call it a sitcom but while it's definitely very funny I wouldn't call it a sitcom.

Of course it's getting a lot of press right now for the Tom Brady cameo in the first episode, and for all the wrong reasons. It's a shame because first, it's a very funny bit which is nicely managed and second, unlike some other star cameos this short exchange drives the plot forward in an important way. I had a really hard time believing Miles would take his entire IVF savings in cash into such a sketchy building no matter how he was feeling, but after seeing Tom Brady come out I can totally believe it :). You can tell, if you watch closely, that when Brady gets into the car he says he's been to the spa "five" times but it was overdubbed to "six" after the Super Bowl win.

Paul Rudd does a great job playing both people. My only complaint so far, and I'm only halfway through, is they haven't provided a good transition from the Miles of 5 years ago that we see during flashbacks, who seems a lot like "New Miles", to the "Old Miles" of today. It seems like a big change without much foundation but maybe they'll come back to it.

I really can't imagine where they're going to go here, which is a hallmark of my favourite kind of show!
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I agree, I had no idea where it was going and still don't, 7 episodes in-
Paul Rudd is doing an excellent job - you can tell which is "him" and which is the clone-

The only thing I have a slight complaint about it how the people at Miles' work can't seem to tell-but I guess he "was" great before and he was going through a slump, so now he's "back?"
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Finished this the other night... I did like it and I'll keep watching if more seasons are ordered. The fight scene at the end was a little choppy due to the "one person playing two parts" thing but it worked OK. Kind of impressive that it was as good as it was actually.

I didn't really understand the ending at all. Wasn't this just a few days after Kate's trip to the city? There's no possible way she could already know she was pregnant and there be any possibility that New Miles is the father. Did I miss a time-jump in here somewhere? I don't see how...
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