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Live tv skipping on new premiere

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I picked up a brand new premiere unit yesterday to replace cablevisions god awful 8300 box and it seems to be having an issue. When I watch live tv the box lives to hiccup or skip every once in a while. Right now it appears to be happening on only one channel although I have only watched a handfull of channel since setting up the premiere. Has anyone been through this already?

I have tried resetting the box twice already and I never had this issue with the cablevision box. Could it be interference from the TA? I'm going to set my older tivo HD up later this evening and see if that has to same issue.
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What do you mean by "skipping"? This could be a low signal strength issue.
Just every minute or minute and a half the picture and sound hiccups. The signal strength explanation would make sense to as why it only happens with one channel. I haven't had the chance to check it out today yet. I guess new wiring would be in order to fix the signal issues?
Get rid of splitters and/or use amplified splitters. If you have your own added splitters, make sure they handle the high frequencies needed for cable nowadays. The old cheap splitters "just work" for analog channels (you might get some snow), but can easily make digital stations unwatchable (no signal or this kind of problem).. and yeah, it happens on some channels.

Our house has enough splits that I needed to put in my own amplified splitter to even GET most of the digital channels. I think I still miss some I'm supposed to get, but at least it's usable on most that I care about.
We just moved into the house 2 weeks ago, so I need to investigate how many times the cable is split before making it's way into my living room. Thanks for the advice.
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