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I have been happily using a series 2 for two years with no problems. Setup is Series 2 TiVo with software version 8.3, Comcast analog cable, no cable box. As far as I know there have been no recent hardware or software changes. Suddenly, a few weeks ago, live TV would just give a black screen and no sound. The show info was there correctly, just no show. Programs showed they were being recorded with a red light but when I went to view them, they showed a duration of 0:00. I deleted a bunch of recorded shows and, maybe coincidently, things returned to normal. Now, a few weeks later, I have the same problem. After deleting a bunch of recorded shows and no-duration shows, I still have black screen, and no duration to any recordings. I can watch TV using an input that bypasses the TiVo, and can still watch TiVo recordings before from a few days ago, just not those in that last day. Here is what I have done to identify the problem. I removed the splitter to improve signal - still black. I can see tivo's show info header over the black screen, so there is a tivo signal getting to my tv. I did a hard restart and reboot and when through the initial startup again. Tivo support thinks maybe it is a bad tuner but they didn't sound certain. What's going on?
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