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Amazon Recast or similar would be a good option for OTA DVR and live TV streaming apps on the same device. Some use Channels DVR in conjunction with remote storage and stand-alone network tuners, a more complex solution that has a monthly fee like Tivo but has the advantage of being able to record some streams. I personally went with Recast and am satisfied with it.

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FireStick can be had @ $25 when on sale
AirTV $75 or $99 (for wireless a/c)
External HDD or Flash Drive $7-$75 depending on size/format
antenna that suits your location $10-100

SlingTV 30-45+ per month

and you are all set with OTA and Streaming in one guide.
and you can sideload Kodi too

If the upcoming Tivo Stick has Tivo Lite Mini capabilities and mpeg2 support, I'll migrate to that
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