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I run a Tivo Roamio OTA and have no cable or satellite providers. One of my local OTA stations added 3 new subs within the last year. I'm not *terribly* interested in these subs but I'm to the point of being tired of seeing "Title not available" in the title slots so I'd like to get this working properly.

I found my way to the Tivo "Report a Lineup Case" and went through the form filling in the blanks with probably more info than they need. But, when I hit "Submit" it gives me a red-boxed programming error. I finally gave up and instigated a chat with a Tivo rep.

The rep gave me the link to the same reporting site and I told her of the error code popping up. She said she was sorry and that I should call a telephone number that she supplied. I'm a bit hard of hearing and usually these "support" personnel have a "bit" of an accent which adds to the hearing issue. So, I haven't tried calling them in hopes that someone knows a good link to submit lineup issues at. The link I tried was at Tivo Customer Support Community

Does anyone know of a different link than the one posted above?

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