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mk-donald said:
Yes I'm pleased I plumped for lifetime subscriptions from Day 1.

Dec 2002 £199 * 2 (self and Xmas present for folks) = £398
versus 37 months x £10 * 2 = £740 =

£342 saved so far between us! Which more than paid for the two Tivos which cost £99.99 each - and even for the 3 x Samsung 120GB hard-disk drives installed in them since.

If you are convinced you're keeping the Tivo and that it will continue to work physically, then why not pay for a lifetime subscription AS LONG AS you pay by Credit Card.

Your credit card company is equally liable for the provision of the lifetime service to you as Tivo UK is. So if Tivo UK give up providing the service and told you to go whistle and/or go bust, you would look to your Credit Card company for a refund of the unexpired portion of your lifetime subscription (however that's computed!).

If you want an in-depth briefing read the OFT's 4 page 2000 Adobe PDF 400KB document - 'Equal Liability - Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974' OFT 303 at

And finally for fuller OFT guidance about IT Contracts at a distance - eg Services which were bought over the phone/Internet rather than in person - see their OFT 672 a 77 page 600KB booklet which is very fresh as only published December 2005 at:
Hello fellow MK Citizen ;o)
Interesting link there Donald .. will keep that for some more indepth reading at a later stage.

Have to admit, I'm feeling inclined to opt for the Lifetime sub ... but as each month passes, I'm loosing faith that TiVo will continue to keep the service going - even if they are making money on us monthly subscribers as of today.

And of course - there's the other side of the coin. Should the day ever happen, where rather than TiVo cease the UK service - they instead opt to release a new unit to the UK Market (eg, for the Sky HD Launch would be nice), then you lot will have to get in line behind me to get one -as its a guaranteed purchase in our household (yes, we love TiVo *that* much!). At that point, a lifetime sub, on a Series 1 will be worth next to nothing - even to the uneducated on eBay for example ;o)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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