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Been on life time since day 1, just subbed my mums new e-bay machine on a LT sub.
Theres always loads of rumours floating about that they will pull out of the UK but there is still soooo much interest in TiVo over here,also after my chat to the CS the other day to LT the machine he did say that TiVo were aware of the hugh E-bay presence that TiVo was having and the prices the machines were going for :eek:

Its interesting to look at the second hand value of a TiVo now compared to other electronic goods :eek:

Current values seem to be in the order of £120-£200 for a machine without LT sub, this would appear crazy for a bit of kit that could be +5yrs old and originally cost £400

If I was to sell my DV video camera today which is 5 yrs old I wouldnt expect to get more than a few hundred pounds if I was lucky , five years ago it cost me over a grand :eek:

So if you were to transpose that to TiVo we should be paying at most £80 tops for a unit :confused:

One thing that did amuse me while looking for a TiVo on e-bay was the fact a standard LT machine would fetch +£50 more than one without for some weird reason :confused:

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