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markandjenn said:
if your first unit does not have lifetime on it then, while $299 is worth 43 months of a $6.95 subscription, your original unit's subscription will go from $12.95 to $6.95, so the breakeven is 23 months ($299/12.95), as you would then be paying $6.95 per month for the original.
Wait --

When you have two TiVos on monthly, do you pay $19.90 per month ($12.95 for the first plus $6.95 for the second), or $13.90 per month ( $6.95 plus $6.95)?

The terms aren't exactly clear:
What is Multi-Service Discount?
Multi-Service Discount is a new TiVo® service policy that discounts the monthly TiVo service fee from $12.95 to $6.95 for those with more than one eligible TiVo box on the same account. 1-year TiVo service commitment required. Early termination fees and other restrictions apply. See tivo.com/privacy for details. No early termination fee applies if canceled within 30 days.
I had understood the discount to apply to the second through sixth boxes, but you'd continue to pay the full$12.95 on the first box.

markandjenn's comment above seems to convey another understanding.
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