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What I have for sale is as follows: 1-TIVO Roamio Plus - Lifetime service This will be the master box recently upgraded with a 3TB drive that records 476 HD or 3270 SD Hours, it has 6 tuners so you can DVR 6 different channels at once. 3-TIVO Minis - Lifetime service These are smaller TIVO boxes that talk to the master box. The equipment here is enough to service 4 TV's in your house with a TIVO cable box, remote and whole house DVR. I will throw in 2 WiFi connectors as well in a package deal.

The saving with using this equipment would be huge and monthly, you can cancel your existing cable provider owned DVR and reduce those charges as well as reduce your cable box charges by using the TIVO boxes as a cable box. The only charge you would incur with the cable provider would be the rental of a single cable card to install into the master unit. The rental of a cable card is anywhere from $2-$5 a month but the money you save on all the other fees hugely outweighs that charge.

This would pay for itself within one year but it has lifetime service so you will never have to pay TIVO to use the equipment as long as you own it.

I'd like $295 for everything shown and you pay actual shipping charges but feel free to shoot me an offer and as long as its not lowball I'll take it into consideration. Everything is in perfect working order and none of it is using the Hydra interface which in my opinion is not optimal. All of the boxes are reset as well however a fresh setup will be needed for your zipcode!

I'd like to add that this would sell quickly on eBay for what I am asking except for the fact that their charges and fees are out of hand ridiculous, not to mention now you have to report anything you sell on eBay as added income. I used to love eBay until all the rules changed! I have a profile on eBay so you can confirm I am not a scammer, I have 100% feedback and have been a seller since 1998. My profile is (zukdj), I can accept payment via PayPal or other ways may be a possibility.

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