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Hi all,
Okay I just want to make sure I have all this straight before I go out and do it all. I have digital cable at my house and want to get a Tivo. I'm going to go to Best Buy and pick up the Tivo Series 2 Digital Video Recorder with 80 hour capacity. However, since I don't have a phone line I'm going to bring it to my parent's house and use their phone line to do the initial setup for the Tivo? Then I'm going to bring the Tivo back to my apartment and use my wireless internet and an approved USB adapter in the Tivo to get the rest of the updates? I guess I'm just concerned with the initial phone setup, since I don't have a phone line in my apartment however I do have a wireless network. Please let me know if this would work. I know this is probably been covered in the forums, but I'm just asking for your assistance. The guy at bestbuy said this wasn't possible since I don't have a phone line and that's the way Tivo get's it's updates. However I think from what I've read that Tivo just needs the initial setup with the phone line then it can use the internet to get the program updates. Please let me know if I"m on the right track.... Next to come is updating the drive with a 250 gig hard drive. Thank you in advance...
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