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I've got The Tonight Show and Late Night on a SP - haven't looked at the details of it in forever and am not at home. I only know that it is set for first runs. Just about every night, there's an 11:35 Leno, a 12:35 Conan, then another, like, 1:37 Tonight and a 2:37 Conan. The first two list the guests, the 2nd pair only show a tagline that reads something like "Jay interviews celebrities and hosts musical guests" and I forget what Conan's says.

I only want the first pair but the 2nd pair aren't avioding recording b/c they're not reruns but I don't think they're first runs either. Or the PG doesn't know they are.

So once every week or so, I have to go thru my ToDo list and "delete this recording only".

Any suggestions on forcing the SP to miss them? I'd hate to make it a manual record in case they don't happen to be at the scheduled time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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