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rbautch said:
You can prevent your Tivo from making a call and still order PPV through your remote.
Hi Rbautch,

I realize this thread is a year old but...

I have an HR10-250 that I zippered a month ago. It is connected to my wireless g router through methods described elsewhere.
We have made 2 or 3 PPV orders using the remote.
I have not seen these on my bill yet nor the activity since last bill.
You have indicated that it is still possible to order ppv with a zippered unit.
How can I do this so that Directv won't disable ppv on my unit but still charge my account for the movies I order? I've read several threads on this subject. Some say just order ppv through Directv's on-line website. I've done this in the past on a non-zippered but hacked SD Directv box but but find it inconvenient. When I do order on-line, it only goes to one box and not the one that I want. I have 4 boxes. Some time ago on this non-zippered box, the record & buy option disappeared. I guess this is because DTV takes out the menu option when the unit has not called home for a while. At the moment, my zippered HR10-250 still has this option. After reading the threads, some have suggested removing fakecall.tcl. Some have said it wont matter due to some static routes set up by zipper. It is still not clear to me how to proceed. Is allowing the unit to make a call undesirable because Directv will see a hacked unit? Can one force the unit to make a call manually to satisfy Directv so the PPV movie list on Tivo is sent to them so they can charge you? Am I just SOL?

Thanks for being patient.
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