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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 10/9/2007 (S09E03) "Impulsive"

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I don't normally follow this show as it airs; I just can only take so much of Law & Order overall, and this series is kinda boring/repetitive at times since it's so single-mindedly focused on all things rape. So I let it become filler during reruns.

But I saw the previews and Kyle Gallner was guest starring in it, so I figured I'd grab this episode now.

The man just has the role of pouty victim down to a science. I can't help myself but to watch anything I discover he's performing in.

He didn't disappoint in this episode, either. And on top of that it seemed like the writers went a couple steps beyond where they normally finish up with such stories to really give the viewer something to think about.

I see, too, that he's got 3 movies coming out; nice to see that he's growing into more film roles and not so limited to television anymore.
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Nice seeing "Sabrina" again too. She lost a bunch of that weight she put on when she was pregnant. (And I read that she's pregnant again so I guess she'll be putting it back on!)
And did you catch the "Heros" ad on the side of the bus they were tailing? It wasn't in-your-face, but it was definitely there...
WELCOME BACK, SABRINA! Shes one of those women that gets really unattractive during pregnancy. I think her face swells up and causes her partially closed eye to completely shut.
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