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Latest S03 error for S3 TiVos

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My Series 3 TiVo configured for OTA+Cable (but no tuning adapter) missed a few recordings (two days ago), and I noticed it hadn't done a successful d/l in about a week, but there was still accurate guide data, and "record history" didn't show any reason for the programs not to record.

So I repeated "Connect to TiVo" several times and fortunately, got a successful guide download! Problem is, it got another S03 error today (which normally I wouldn't care), and again, no upcoming "season pass" recordings are in the ToDo list - only manual recordings and named-show recordings I re-entered manually. I'm not sure if the other scheduled recordings were removed when the S03 error occurred (new anti-feature?) or if the ToDo list never re-populated, as the failed download occurred only a few hours after the successful one.

I could try "Clear Program info & ToDo list" but then I'd have nothing instead of 2 weeks of guide! Are other users experiencing this, and do you have any suggestions?

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Are other users experiencing this, and do you have any suggestions?
yes and no.
My S3 648250 still gets S03 error from time to time but it has a cable card and tuning adapter.
When the t/a is left disconnected (usb) for a few hours GC completes, then the service connection completes.
S03 is gone and guide data is current.

Last week it had an S03 error and the last GC completion was 2 days old.
Disconnected the t/a and by the next morning S03 was gone and guide data updated.
But a day later I checked sys info. Service connection failed: S03 error.
The weird thing is GC completion was up to date.
I forced a connection, checked a while later to see it had failed again.
Disconnected the t/a and as always a few hours later all was up to date.
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