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I still watch it, for the eye candy and tech gadgets (and I still like the Las Vegas setting on the strip), but, I think they have REALLY run out of ideas. How many times can we have:

someone cheating at one of the tables
someone stealing something in the casino
Ed beat up someone, or go with someone to beat up someone
Danny "hooking up with" Mary, Delinda, Sam, whatever...
A new owner for the Montecito (I think we are on our 4th in 3 years)

It's not so much that the stories are implausable (you have to take a lot on faith to watch this show), but that they are all pretty much the same story!! I'm not sure what else they can do at this point. Maybe they could have a storyline about them opening a second casino in Vegas a la Steve Winn.

That said, there are still reasons to watch:
Mary's cleavage
Sam's dresses
Delinda's flirtiness and feistyness
Did I say Mary's cleavage and Sam's dresses?

SP stays for now.
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