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mrpantstm said:
the transition was fairly seamless. I really thought it was still part of the show till they Chevy symbol got jammed down my throat.

Not a bad episode. I think they'd do better by keeping around some competition for Sam than having her kick their butt within one episode.

That's right kids, when you have a problem, get your father and go beat the crap out of the guy who did you wrong. That's the way to resolve problems.

Although I gotta admit it was funny.

And stupid (storywise). She has a restaraunt, she won't date me if she works at the restaraunt, ah ha! I'll close the restaraunt and she'll date me. It's foolproof! :rolleyes:

What happened to Danny and Delinda hooking up? I guess we assume they did. :D
Las Vegas isn't even close to requiring their writers establish any credibility with any storyline.

There are times I disgust myself that I even watch it. This season will probably be my last... it's goofy in a bad way; it seems to try for a bit of a comic book feel -- larger than life -- but it fails. It just comes off lame much of the time.

It all started down the toilet with the introduction of Monica... well, maybe it was in the toilet before then, but Monica flushed.
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