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The part that cracks me up is that they already sent an unmanned drone through the crack and it ended disastrously so then they decided to send a live person in a larger aircraft through the crack. Clearly, anything with modern technology does not survive the journey through the crack so these geniuses decide to send an aircraft through it. Why not send a hot air balloon that is completely passive into the rift and see how that goes?
Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Plus the people down below the rift could build one on their own out of some vines, wood, etc. for the basket, maybe find some Paracord for holding it to the balloon, and make a balloon out of sheets or something. Fuel could be either wood or gasoline from cars around the area. Have the lightest adult go up in it and then they can send someone back through with a legit hot air balloon once the one person goes up and back to the future.
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