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KRCB 722 in South Bay SF

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A few weeks ago, KRCB moved from 200 (SD) to 722 (HD) and 22 (SD). The guide data shows no programming for 722. It is still there on 200 which has no signal. 22 has data for CSPAN-1. I opened a support case with Tivo a couple of days ago. Their response - connect manually and reset. Obviously that didn't work. I'll wait for their next move.

Just for grins, repeated Guided setup for just the TE3 box - same.

Does anyone in the South Bay have guide data for 722, 22, 200?
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Tivo needs to get its act together. 1st email - acknowledgement. 2nd email - Lineup issues typically resolved 5-7 business days. 3rd email - 3.5 days later >> Asked to connect to network and then restart and should fix. Let us know if not fixed. Looked on Tivo support and case is "Resolved".

I emailed that connect and restart did not fix on 2 Bolts. 2 hours later - "... being worked on by our specialists. We will need additional time ..."

Guess what? Status online has been changed to "Researching Lineup"

No one here watches PBS on Comcast 722?
Support ticket 9/27. Got message today 10/10 - almost 2 weeks. Getting program info on TE3 Bolt. TE4 Bolt still no guide data.
After 2 manually initiated network connections, the TE4 bolt has info for 722.
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