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Kickstart on Premiere XL with 14.8

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A month and a half ago we started having reboots during playback, so I ran some of the kickstart tests, including 54 and 57. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to let tests like the Off-line scan for the S.M.A.R.T. tests run to completion before I had to put the unit back into service.

I didn't need the TiVo this past weekend, so I decided to run the full diagnostics. However, the TiVo has been upgraded to 14.8.U2-01-3-748 since the original problem occurred.

  • It appears that the blue LED no longer lights to signal that a kickstart code was entered. Instead, the green and amber LEDs alternate.
  • I was able to get the unit to enter Kickstart 54. For a stock Premiere XL, the Off-line scan took 920:28 as compared to the estimated 340:00.

  • On the Overnight Test, the Seek time vs. distance on /dev/hda failed. However, the S.M.A.R.T. tests all passed. Is this indicative of a pending hard drive failure?
  • I cannot get the unit to enter Kickstart 57 or 58. The green and yellow LEDs alternate like for 54 above. However, I never get the GSOD. I definitely remember getting 57 to work on this unit previously. Is this a change with the 14.8 software?

I'll probably upgrade the drive to a 2TB one soon, and I guess if this one is about to fail I should hurry up.
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