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Keep Until? Tivo Premiere

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I just got a Tivo Premiere (had a Tivo Series 2 for 9 yrs.) Does anyone know why the "Premiere" interface doesn't indicate, on the 1st window of a recorded show, how long a show will be "Kept for?" On the "Series 2," when you went to a recorded show, it would tell you on the 1st window "This show will be saved until June 1" (for example).

I'm familiar w/the yellow dots, exclamation points, etc..in terms of when a show will be deleted, but this is a difft. question. With the "Premiere," you have to go a 2nd window: the "Keep Until" link..to find out how long a show will be saved. It's just another layer that wasn't necessary with the "Series 2."

Anyone else noticed this? Or have a Shortcut to see how long show will be saved? (w/o having to go to the "Keep Until" window?) Thanks.
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I am guessing they hid this somewhat since it wasn't truly accurate and could be confusing to customers, especially if it deleted earlier than that date.

On my yellow exclamation point, it does say in the bottom right hand corner on the show page that it will be deleted in 24 hours,

On yellow dot shows, it tells me for example one will be deleted within 3 days.

I want to say I had read they tweaked it though so that the Premiere would recheck and change the status of shows based off space and the to do list. I may be wrong though. The old way would flag a show and never update it even if it was the only recordings. I haven't tested the Premiere to see if this is still the case.
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