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Jm J Bullock fans REJOICE!!

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I've been DYING for a Monroe fix.
The reviews at Amazon weren't too good. How can they release the DVDs with EDITED episodes! :rolleyes:

I liked that show, but wouldn't waste money on the DVDs though...
....sigh.....JM J Bullock....

Those were the days:(

:p :D
Jim J and Ted Knight on the same dvd....what's not to like? :)
It's all about Cosmic Cow.
Amazon.com Sales Rank in DVD: #2,956
This must be an oversight on Amazon's part. Anyway, I'm sure Jm's legions of fans will start snapping this up soon and we'll see the rank climb up. I predict top 10 within the next week.
Is Jim J gay or not???!!!

Frst of all, t's Jm J. No 9th letter of the alphabet.

Yes, he's gay. Monroe, however, was not.
Thanks for making my day. I was a little down - not anymore! :D
Um, unix, or admin,

This thread should be in the happy hour. JM J Bullock would certainly be in the happy hour. Where else do you expect his fans to find him?

TV, is not JM J Bullocks passion. His brilliance comes from making people smile, in their happy hour.


Originally posted by jsmeeker
It's all about Cosmic Cow.
huh... I always thought it was all about Deborah Van Valkenburgh and Lydia Cornell's breasts...

I cannot believe that they have the nerve to sell EDITED, CUT DOWN episodes. What the hell is with that?

I agree with all the reviewers on Amazon, don't buy it no matter how much Jm they promise you!
How is Bullock's health these days? Last I saw (admittedly a while ago), he was managing his AIDS fairly effectively.

Hope he's still healthy! :up:
He is an excellent citizen and a role model for youngsters like LeBron James to look up to learning how to deal with stardom gracefully.
Who's Monroe? I'm thought Jm J Bullock was the center square.
ant3eye said:
Who's Monroe? I'm thought Jm J Bullock was the center square.
Jm can't be pigeonholed. He was Monroe, but he was also center square and a whole lot more to a lot of people.

I'm glad the DVDs are finally out so that Jm can enjoy the royalties he deserves.
The first sure sign of the apocolypse!

1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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