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In Orlando, we didn't have Jimmy Kimmel from the start. But sometime recently (I guess) they started running it here. So I began to TiVo it in the bedroom so I had something to watch as I drifted off to sleep.

OMG! His "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship" is absolutely hysterical! Check out this "best of" from his site:


Man, this cracks me up!

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We've watched the shows since day one! Man that first week was a train wreck! Cast members & audience memebrs were drunk on air. What a hoot!

The Censorship bits are funny! Especially when they censor Mister Rogers!

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That was great. I have tears in my eyes cuz I was LMAO.

The Jepoardy one looked a lil real cuz of the womans reaction.

Great post.
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