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bdlucas said:
The new 8.1.7c2 update for TiVo HD seems to have fixed the pixelation problems (thanks TiVo!) but it may have introduced a new problem.

The US Open tennis coverage seems to occasionally drop into a "jerky video" mode. It looks like the framerate is greatly reduced. Pausing momentarily fixes it - when you come back out of pause the framerate is normal again. I've seen it on both the UHD and CBS coverage.

I haven't yet seen it on any other programming but the US Open tennis, so it might be related to the source material. On the other hand I haven't been watching much else since the update so maybe it does occur on other programming and I just haven't seen it. I'm pretty sure this wasn't happening before the 8.1.7c2 update however.

Anyone else seeing this?
I had the same behavior on the UHD coverage of the US Open multiple times across multiple days prior to the upgrade. I haven't seen this occur on any other shows.
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