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dvdapex said:
How many people watch the 2003 remake? A million? Two million? I was 3 in 1978 and I do remember the show (along with Buck Rogers and Planet of the Apes TV show, and Love Boat, Fantasy Island and Charlies Angels). I just don't remember many of the character names from that time (except for that awful Hawkman from BR).
Come on... are you seriously saying that you cannot remember the character names of Mr. Roarke or Tatoo??

On a completely seperate note, Fred Grandy who played Gopher in Love Boat became a member of congress is 1986. As he entered the elevator, a Senate Paige said "Lido Deck, sir?" The paige was fired the next day. This was the friend of a friend, so it may be an urban legend, but still is damn funny.
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